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Always -Layout about magic love . Stage 1 of the joint venture "Magic School"-3

When I think "Magic", I mean Harry Potter , of course... 
Harry Potter is just a part of me. I ove those books. 
When I think "Harry Potter", I mean LOVE-the most powerful magic. 

My favorite character is Severus Snape. 
I think he is a symbol of endless, very paintful love.
It's not so obvious, but if you've read all the parts of HP, you know what I mean. 

Today I would like to show you my layout about it. 

I've created it for "Magic School" stage 1 .

I've tried to create some king of patronus magic in the forest, as in the picture. 
As a base of my layout I 've used Aquamarine sheet - Paint Chips and transfer "the forest" from Frayed Knot sheet - Northern Lights

I used only 7Dots Studio papers (mostly Paint chips and Northern Lights), 
stickers, die-cuts and stamps. 
Chipboards are from Scrapiniec and 13Arts. 
A lot of mixed media brands like 13Arts, Prima Marketing,Cadence,Art Anthology Latarnia Morska and Lindy's - stencils, pastes,paints and mists, mixed together. 

I was inspired by this gorgeous moodboard from Juliya Tirskaya


The shades of blue with a little bit of gold/browns a touch od green and some bottles with "potions".  This is what I see on this moodboard. 

Thank you for being here, Marta :)

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