niedziela, 4 listopada 2018

Semifinal of Magic School 3

The second post today is about semifinal of Magic School 3. 

This is the time, when all participants should write one post with all works for Magic School. 

My work for 1 STAGE was a layout, in Harry Potter's mood, about love - the strongest type of magic. 
I've combined two different papers on the background by using transfer- one of my favourite techniques.

My wor for 2 STAGE was also a layout, about my idol Billie Joe Armstrong. 
To create wings for my Angel, I used transfer (with Queen's Heart) again.

My work for 3 STAGE was an Autumn Junk Book-my first ever junk book. 
As you can see, I used a transfer also this time. 

The last work, for 4 STAGE was an ATC set in Halloween mood, with empty medicine package, many textures and crackle effects.

That was my first play with Magic School and it was so fun, but also challenging of myself-like 3 STAGE - Junk Book. 
I saw so many different, beautiful and extremly inspirational works from all participants and main designers. 

I hope, it's not the last time.


Autumn Junk Book - Magic School 3 Stage 3

Hello, today I would like to show you my Junk Book. 
I created it for 3 stage of Magic School by Julia Tirskaya. 

This post will be full of photos. 

I tried to use junk and leftovers as many, as it's possible. 

As a cover of my junk journal I used a regular 15x15cm cardboard for mini albums. 

To create first layer of the texture, I used backing paper and covered every sides with black gesso.

Meanwhile, started with old folk music pages. Folded all to make 4 separate part of  my book. 

I primed all of them with liquid matt acrylic medium.

And started with the transfer process.

With some pages in every parts of the junk book, sometimes two layers. 

To glue all of the parts, I used some labels from sequins packages and lace leftovers.

Next step was the cover. 
I added a lot of paperscraps, chipboards and chipboard leftovers, 
leaves and other embellishments ( like fairy without hand ang leg ) ;) 
I covered almost all with black gesso and liquid crackle, then painted randomly with some texture paints in a few steps. At the end I was trying to highlight the details with gold shades.

Some of the pages in this junk book are similar. I tried to create a messy work with a touch of vintage, maybe a little bit grunge. Some of the pages are left without embellishments, maybe for some photos from this year's autumn. 

I'm taking a part in the 13arts November challenge with this beautiful autumn mood board.

I'm proud of you, if you are still here :) 

Check all of those fantastic works from other participants on Julia's blog.